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Builder Tracts in Franklin
Today there are 395 Franklin Subdivisions with at least one active listing. The table below lists those subdivisions along with the number of active listings in each subdivision and the average price of the currently listed homes for sale in each subdivision. If the subdivision has any recently sold homes the sales price for last home sold, date of sale and Days on the Market (DOM) are shown. By clicking the subdivision link you can see the details of all listing in each subdivision along with all of the most recent homes sold.
NeighborhoodSubdivision Listings Average PriceLast Sold PriceLast Sold DateDOM
100 Acres1$1,495,000
121 Acres Mltiple Homesite1$1,759,000
18 Acres2$4,500,000
21.240 Ac.1$1,799,506
28 +/- Acres1$1,150,000
37 +/- Acres1$995,000
4.61 Acres1$399,000
48 Acre Private Retreat2$6,500,000
5 +/- Acres1$319,500
54 Acres1$5,000,000
8 Acres1$1,295,000
Abington Ridge Sec 11$524,900
Abington Ridge Sec 21$594,999
Abington Ridge Sec 3-a1$615,000
Albany Pointe Sec 11$679,900
Albany Pointe Sec 21$829,000
Amelia Park9$527,656
Andover Sec 11$369,900
Ashton Park1$439,900
Ashton Park Sec 11$619,000
Ashton Park Sec 22$457,450
Aspen Grove Sec O1$6,900,000
Avalon Sec 11$715,000
Avalon Sec 23$768,267
Avalon Sec 312$1,229,900
Avalon Sec 42$519,000
Avalon Sec 61$459,900
Avalon Sec 71$569,900
Battlewood Est Sec 12$594,450
Beechwood Plantation2$5,200,000
Belle Chase Farms Sec 12$522,400
Belle Vista Sec 22$637,200
Benelli Park Sec23$1,102,633
Berry Farms9$657,959
Berry Farms Lot 70351$799,900
Berry Farms Lot 70461$589,900
Berry Farms, Lot 1111$669,900
Berry Farms, Lot 1251$749,900
Berry Farms, Lot 1261$739,900
Berry Farms, Lot 1601$649,900
Berry Farms, Lot 1611$649,900
Bess Stephen F1$689,000
Blossom Park5$607,099
Boyd Mill Est1$299,000
Boyd Mill Est Sec 11$269,900
Brandon Park Downs1$374,900
Breezeway Sec 21$799,900
Brentwood Pointe Sec 31$339,999
Brienz Valley1$195,000
Brienz Valley Sec31$159,000
Brown Prop1$995,000
Brownstones @1$1,450,000
Buckarosa Farm2$4,750,000
Buckingham Park Sec 41$387,000
Burghley Place1$885,000
Caldwell Est Sec 13$541,300
Carlisle Sec 11$669,000
Carlisle Sec 31$694,000
Carolina Close2$1,742,059
Carriage Park1$222,000
Carriage Park Condos1$309,900
Carters Glen1$386,900
Cedarmont Farms Ph 51$579,900
Chardonnay Sec 22$824,700
Charlton Green1$449,900
Cherry Valley1$349,900
Chestnut Bend1$594,900
Chestnut Bend Sec 32$587,450
Cheswicke Farm Sec 62$454,946
Chinkapin On The Trace1$3,000,000
Clairmonte Sec 12$347,000
Clovercroft Area1$1,089,000
Clovercroft Preserve Sec113$617,878
Cool Springs East2$897,450
Cool Springs East Sec 121$549,000
Cool Springs East Sec 31$429,900
Cool Springs East Sec 51$579,900
Cool Springs East Sec 91$489,900
Cottonwood Est1$449,900
Country Roads3$2,366,667
Cross Country Farm1$3,800,000
Cross Creek1$599,000
Dallas Downs2$402,400
Dallas Downs Sec 201$359,000
Deerfield Sec 21$1,100,000
Dodson & Herbert1$2,866,000
Downtown Franklin6$838,400
Downtown Franklin/ .48 Ac1$179,900
Downtown Franklin/ .69 Ac1$189,900
Durham Manor3$983,267
E/s Big East Fork Rd1$445,000
Eagles Glen Sec 11$439,900
Echelon At Lockwood Glen3$546,933
Ellington Park Sec 11$1,200,000
Ellington Park Sec 51$419,900
Equestrian Estate2$6,000,000
Falcon Creek Sec 11$349,900
Fieldstone Farms1$449,900
Fieldstone Farms3$419,967
Fieldstone Farms Sec A1$399,900
Fieldstone Farms Sec C1$389,900
Fieldstone Farms Sec J1$355,000
Fieldstone Farms Sec L1$410,000
Fieldstone Farms Sec O1$469,000
Fieldstone Farms Sec Q-71$574,900
Fieldstone Farms Sec R-21$535,000
Fieldstone Farms Sec T1$494,900
Fieldstone Farms Sec V2$989,500
Finley Gary1$119,900
Forest Home2$5,400,000
Forest Home Farms Sec 31$560,000
Forest Home Farms Sec 71$395,000
Forrest Crossing4$859,934
Forrest Crossing Sec 111$539,900
Forrest Crossing Sec 121$307,000
Forrest Crossing Sec 121$318,000
Forrest Crossing Sec 21$299,900
Forrest Crossing Sec 41$399,900
Forrest Crossing Sec 8-b1$489,900
Founders Pointe3$434,824
Founders Pointe Sec 51$475,000
Founders Pointe Sec 81$410,000
Franklin 5 Acres1$1,500,000
Franklin Commons1$1,200,000
Franklin East Sec 11$549,900
Franklin Green1$299,992
Franklin Green Sec 141$359,900
Franklin Green Sec 71$399,500
Franklin Green Sec 91$339,000
Franklin Historic1$335,000
Franklin/leipers Fork1$2,500,000
Garden Club Sec 11$674,900
Garden Club Sec 21$579,000
Garrison Spring Est2$344,900
Gateway Village1$444,900
Gateway Village Sec 2 Rev4$407,200
Gateway Village Sec. 31$1,250,000
General's Retreat1$340,000
Generals Retreat3$336,300
Goose Creek Est Sec 11$645,000
Goose Creek Estate1$530,000
Grace Ministries1$600,000
Grassland Est1$439,900
Grassland Est Sec 12$544,000
Hadden Hill Mckays Mill1$635,000
Hard Bargain1$55,000
Hardison Hills Sec 41$229,900
Harlinsdale Manor2$1,010,000
Harpeth Community1$750,000
Harts Landmark10$579,250
Henley Sec 21$655,000
Henson Willis E1$469,500
Heritage Pointe1$529,900
Hidden River1$1,375,000
Hidden Valley1$1,245,000
Hidden Valley Est1$989,500
Highgate Sec 11$749,900
Highland Gardens1$395,000
Highlands @ Ladd Park1$454,900
Highlands @ Ladd Park Sec1$538,500
Hillsboro Cove7$1,163,864
Historic Downtown3$2,125,467
Historic Downtown Franklin1$875,000
Historic Franklin3$1,141,667
Hooker Hills1$1,599,000
Hopewell Ridge1$243,000
Howard Hill1$205,000
Hunters Chase Sec 11$360,000
Hunting Creek Farms1$474,900
Hurstbourne Park3$764,900
Hurstbourne Park Sec 21$639,500
Hydeaway Hills1$1,750,000
Irvin Jimmy M1$549,000
Ivan Creek8$925,538
Ivy Glen Sec 21$574,900
Jackson Lake Sec 12$620,000
Kemp Farm1$1,249,000
Kendall Hall1$950,000
Keystone Sec 11$999,900
Kinnard Springs2$1,289,000
Kinnard Springs Sec 21$1,365,000
Ladd Park7$565,739
Ladd Park - Enderly Pointe2$429,700
Ladd Park - The Highlands4$551,203
Ladd Park - The Overlook2$712,450
Ladd Park - The Ridge2$717,450
Ladd Park- The Highlands1$599,900
Ladd Park-brenley Crossing3$523,048
Laurelbrooke Sec 12$1,030,000
Laurelbrooke Sec 10-b #102$3,579,500
Laurelbrooke Sec 11-a #112$2,399,500
Laurelbrooke Sec 11e3$1,364,967
Laurelbrooke Sec 11f2$2,144,500
Laurelbrooke Sec 12-b1$3,490,000
Laurelbrooke Sec 52$1,262,450
Laurelbrooke Sec 61$839,900
Laurelbrooke Sec 72$1,494,500
Laurelbrooke Sec 81$479,900
Legends Ridge3$901,667
Legends Ridge Add Sec 2-a1$1,400,000
Legends Ridge Sec 21$840,500
Legends Ridge Sec 32$1,372,500
Legends Ridge Sec 4-b2$1,147,500
Legends Ridge Sec 62$1,822,000
Legends Ridge Sec 7-a1$600,000
Legends Ridge Sec 81$1,050,000
Legg Carol Louise1$1,250,000
Leiper's Fork5$2,503,780
Leipers Fork31$2,360,813
Leipers Fork Area2$549,500
Leipers Fork/franklin1$899,000
Liberty Hills1$374,900
Liberty Hills Sec 31$389,500
Lockwood Glen5$652,186
Lockwood Glen Sec 11$464,900
Lockwood Glen Sec 42$519,945
Lockwood Glen Sec 52$634,450
Lockwood Glen Sec 64$586,400
Lockwood Glen Sec 71$527,000
Lookaway Farms3$884,667
Lynnwood Downs2$1,322,450
Lynnwood Valley1$1,797,500
Maplewood Sec 31$359,900
Mayberry Station Sec 41$471,987
Mckays Mill5$495,763
Mckays Mill Sec 171$389,990
Mckays Mill Sec 191$439,000
Mckays Mill Sec 21$469,999
Mckays Mill Sec 211$535,000
Mckays Mill Sec 311$729,000
Mckays Mill Sec 331$498,000
Mckays Mill Sec 341$249,900
Mckays Mill Sec 352$554,950
Mckays Mill Sec 51$489,900
Mckays Mill Sec 61$409,900
Mclemore Farms Sec 2-a1$649,000
Meacham Harding1$2,700,000
Meadowgreen Acres1$310,000
Monticello Sec 21$399,500
Montpier Farms Sec 52$782,450
Morningside Sec 4-a2$382,000
Natchez Valley1$149,900
Natchez Valley Ph 11$299,000
Nestledown Farms1$1,275,000
Oakleaf Est Sec 12$554,950
Oakwood Est Sec 11$409,900
October Park7$915,486
Old Carters Creek Pike1$245,000
Old Hillsboro1$3,800,000
Old Natchez1$1,750,000
Parkside @ Aspen Grove1$269,900
Pleasant View Hill1$550,000
Polk Place2$457,000
Polk Place Sec 91$529,900
Preserve @ Echo Estates Se1$1,589,900
Preserve At Echo Estates3$1,496,300
Preserve Forrest Crossing1$419,000
Private Estate1$5,900,000
Private Retreat1$1,200,000
Ralston Glen1$424,999
Ralston Row2$690,200
Rebel Meadows Sec 21$311,000
Redevelopment Land1$5,995,000
Reserve At Temple Hills10$867,670
Residences @ South Wind1$229,900
Rice Thomas L1$279,900
Richards Glen Sec 11$549,000
River Landing Sec 11$699,950
River Landing Sec 81$750,000
Riverbluff Sec21$531,900
Rock Creek1$4,900,000
Rogersshire Sec 11$389,900
Rogersshire Sec 51$448,000
Royal Oaks1$399,900
Royal Oaks Sec 11$344,000
Royal Oaks Sec 9 Ph 31$349,900
Savage Pointe1$929,900
Savage Pointe Woods2$310,000
Savannah Springs 5 Acres2$769,000
Scenic Hills1$759,000
School Manor1$449,000
Sneed Glen1$509,900
Sneed Road Trust3$1,166,667
South Point Sec 21$629,900
Southern Preserve2$856,879
Southern Preserve Sec21$779,900
Spencer Hall Sec 111$560,000
Spencer Hall Sec 92$479,450
Stags Leap Sec 2a1$574,900
Stags Leap Sec 3b1$549,900
Stockett Creek Sec 14$357,500
Stockett Creek Sec 22$1,299,900
Stokes Aaron Estates2$1,750,000
Stonebridge Park2$704,450
Stonebridge Park Sec 41$585,000
Stonebridge Park Sec 71$727,350
Stream Valley - Hometown7$427,000
Stream Valley - Legacy1$414,990
Stream Valley - Manors1$518,375
Stream Valley Sec 12$813,750
Stream Valley Section 031$499,990
Stunning "cade Farm"2$3,500,000
Sullivan Farms2$408,750
Sullivan Farms Sec A1$420,000
Sullivan Farms Sec B1$422,900
Sullivan Farms Sec E1$459,900
Tap Root Hills7$469,694
Temple Hills Country Club1$1,150,000
Temple Hills Sec 13$483,300
Temple Hills Sec 122$494,900
Temple Hills Sec 2 Ph 11$329,900
Timberline Sec 21$599,900
Timberline Sec 31$649,900
Tohrner & Cannon Addn1$249,900
Tomlin Acres1$332,500
Traceland Est1$349,900
Two Home Elegant Estate1$1,350,000
Two Rivers2$2,099,900
Tywater Crossing5$496,917
Vaughn George W Estate1$1,395,000
Veevers Property1$824,900
Village At West Main St1$157,680
Village Of Clovercroft1$449,900
Water Leaf7$791,982
Water Leaf Sec11$955,000
Waters Edge11$481,569
Watkins Creek Sec 32$1,004,450
Watkins Creek Sec 41$729,900
Watkins Creek Sec 51$574,900
Weatherford Estates2$954,900
Westhaven Sec 12$672,000
Westhaven Sec 101$875,000
Westhaven Sec 111$1,160,000
Westhaven Sec 121$849,000
Westhaven Sec 131$835,000
Westhaven Sec 141$799,000
Westhaven Sec 161$887,000
Westhaven Sec 171$639,000
Westhaven Sec 181$799,900
Westhaven Sec 21$649,900
Westhaven Sec 22 Rev 11$609,900
Westhaven Sec 26 Rev 11$559,900
Westhaven Sec 31$374,986
Westhaven Sec 342$1,047,475
Westhaven Sec 392$630,000
Westhaven Sec 43$925,000
Westhaven Sec 411$690,000
Westhaven Sec 51$599,900
Westhaven Sec 61$609,900
Westhaven Sec 73$1,046,133
Westhaven Sec 81$1,400,000
Westhaven Sec431$897,500
Whitehall Farms Sec 31$748,000
Williamson County1$659,900
Willowsprings Sec 31$564,000
Willowsprings Sec 42$569,900
Winchester Est Sec 21$389,900
Windsor Park Sec 11$699,000
Yorktown Sec 23$432,467
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